1 mile run … Post your time

Wednesday 9.26.12

WOD 4 rounds for time: 1 lap around the soccer field  / 50 mountain climbers / 10 sit ups
Post your time.

Wednesday 9.19.12

WOD – AMRAP in 10 mins.
  • 5 burpees
  • 100 meters run
  • 10 sit ups

Post how many rounds you did.

Wednesday 9.12.12

We’re going the 1 mile run again for time so you can post an accurate time. Also remember to do a full push ups.
WOD – 
  • Run 2 times around the pond for time
  • 1 min push ups

It’s working!

I finally figured out how to get the blog to work! If you remember your times for the run that we did on Wednesday go ahead and post it. Also posting how many push ups you did would be great. If you don’t remember any of these, don’t worry about it.

I will be in Canada next week on a wilderness trip. I will be backpacking and canoeing for 7 days! Be good to your substitute teacher for me!🙂

Have a great week!


WOD – 
  • Run 2 times around the pond for time
  • 1 min push ups

Post your run time and how many push ups you did


Warm up- running drills

WOD- 3 rounds for time

100 meters broad jumps- every 3 jumps do 3 burpees

200 meter run

post your final time


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